Black Rain (1989) Movie Review

Samir has been banging on about Black Rain for months, so since this week, we’re without Justin’s input, we thought we’d review it. Starring Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia, we get an interesting, Ridley Scott view of Osaka, Japan.

Paul and Samir’s recordings are always pretty laid back, so join us on a thoughtful discussion about Black Rain.

Black Rain is a 1989 American action thriller film directed by Ridley Scott and written by Craig Bolotin and Warren Lewis. It stars Michael Douglas, Andy García, Ken Takakura, and Kate Capshaw and features Yūsaku Matsuda (in his final film role before his death that year) and Shigeru Kōyama. The film focuses on two NYPD officers who arrest a member of the Yakuza and must escort him back to Japan. Once there, he escapes, and the two officers find themselves dragged deeper and deeper into the Japanese underworld.

Black Rain was released by Paramount Pictures on September 22, 1989. Upon release, the film received generally mixed to positive reviews from critics, which praised the performances, action sequences, Hans Zimmer’s musical score, direction and editing but criticized the screenwriting, clichéd story and lack of character development. In the years since, the film has become a major cult film and has been widely praised.

Black Rain was also a huge box office hit with grossing over $134 million worldwide in front of a production budget of $30 million, and was nominated for two Academy Awards: Best Sound and Best Sound Editing.

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