5 Questions to Consider Before Jumping in

By Eleventy8 | 21/01/2020

Get Your Mind Right

When thinking about making changes to your existing businesses website or branding, you should consider five key questions and be prepared to be asked them.

If you put thought into your answers then you will not only make things a little easier for your new look but also it will help you to define and discover new business objectives.

All too often it is easy to just look at competitors websites, printed materials and branding, then follow suit. But copying your competitors or treading similar ground is not the best way forward, your website, brand and marketing materials should reflect you and your business.

So consider the following before embarking on a website redesign or marketing with Eleventy8.

1: What are you Trying to Achieve?

You might feel that your logo needs a refresh, but it’s worth asking what exactly you want the change to do for you. You might want to make the company look more modern, more professional etc., but rebranding can be risky if your design is radically different to what your customers are familiar with.

  • Do you want to appeal to a different audience?
  • Do you want to communicate a different message?

Your changes should be justified and have a reason behind them.

Make sure you have a vision of how your changes will improve your business. While it may seem obvious, you should also consider the knock-on effects of a change, a logo redesign can quickly evolve into a complete rebranding as many things will need updating. For print materials, we may need to limit your colours or create a monotone version.

2: Who is Your Target Audience?

It helps to know who you’re targeting your services and products to. There’s no point designing to appeal to 20 somethings if your main aim is retirees.

  • Who are your target customer?
  • How old are they?
  • What is their gender?
  • Where do they live?
  • What do they do?
  • What do they like?

If you have information on your customers, the better Eleventy8 can work with you. You can do your own research, but never assume anything and look over any statistics you may have to help with this.

3: What Would you Like to Keep?

Before you set about tasking Eleventy8 with a new look for your business, take a moment to consider what you like about your existing website, logo, printed materials and make sure to mention it.

If you have copies of previous marketing materials, business cards, and other branding related materials, please provide them as it will help Eleventy8 to understand what has worked and what has failed in the past.

If you have an established business then a more conservative approach might be needed. There’s no point in throwing out elements that work, or which you and your audience like.

4: What do you Like?

Consider what you like. Although you’re looking to appeal to your customers, you also have to like and be proud of your own brand! 

Consider what other brands and websites you admire and like using/visiting. Knowing what you like in other businesses’ materials is a good way to for Eleventy8 to provide designs that you will like and sign-off on. Eleventy8 can help with this by making initial suggestions based on your industry/sector.

5: What Makes you Different?

Challenge yourself to identify what sets you apart from the other businesses offering the same product or service as you. If you’re looking to make your branding stand out from the competition, you need to know how you differentiate yourself.

Who are your main competitors and what do you do that your competitors don’t. Think about what problems you can solve, what products you sell and how your values compare to your competitors.

Knowing these differences can help Eleventy8 generate ideas and help to make your business stand out.

We can help you with the above questions and if you take the time to answer them you’ll end up with a better end result. If you want a professional outcome for your business then you should put a little effort in to reap the rewards in the long-term.